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the Birth of the Yellow Robot

Hello everyone! It took me a long time to think about what should I I write for my first blog. Today I just drew a character based on my son's "art piece". I decide to write my 1st blog for my lovely sons.

Today my 5 year old son made a yellow robot out of clay, and the head is a marble ball. The shape and the colors inspired me to draw a character. I am currently taking a character design class. It can be a fun practice.

The first step is always the hardest, but once I started drawing on a blank sheet, everything just came out naturally.

I sketched out the shape first, and then added details with ink pen. I hesitated a little bit about what media to use. I decided to use markers. It is quick. The color is vivid and close to the clay's.

You can see the final work on the right side. Yes, I added orange and grays to enrich the figure. My son was quite surprised, because he imaged that the body would be a pure yellow. However, He agreed that more colors do look better.

Lucky, my kids LOVE IT! My 5 year old son started doing his 2nd robot. I have to say that kids have much better imaginations than me. Thanks to them to give me so many ideas and inspirations.

Painting and drawing give me lots of fun, but most important is that I love to see my kids love my works!

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